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WebcamMax Review

Posted on August 25, 2015 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (2)


Welcome to my web page. I'd like to share something with all of you, like anyone visits this web page. :)

Please read on. is so kewl!

They gave me a years free use for posting this.!:D

If you have a webcam and want to have more fun with it you have to check out


After I updated toWindows 10, which is a LOT better than 8, several things went away. One was my microphone attached to my webcam. I spent many hours getting the microphone to even work, but then it still would not record the audio with video. What to do?


I used my favorite friend google and started to search for help. Google came through as usual and I stumbled upon WebcamMax.


It is without a doubt the best one I have found. When I upgraded to Windows 10 my webcam croaked but

got it working again!


Also, their support is very good. I had some issues with my dumbness and they stepped right in and resolved them. Some of the features are, Thousands of cool effects that you can use in video chats and when you record. Also when your on You Tube or Facebook. When you share your videos with family and friends they can enjoy the fun. WebCamMax makes it easy. Did I say their web page is You can also doodle (Paint) on the video box to your hearts content and use Picture in Picture feature to broadcast to various sources at the same time! Do you Skype, Yahoo Message, ICQ, Paltalk, Camfrog, You Tube, Ustream, or use JustinTV? Then go to and start having fun. They will let you use it free but I know you will want to buy as the you can get even more of their awesome features.


Did I tell you their web address. If not then you can click on the link here and join me in having fun with your web cam Once you try it let me know by posting on this blog. If I get enought posting maybe they will give it to me free .


But enough about me. Blog here and share whatever you want to. I really like working with computers and my web cam, which now works thanks to and all their great support. I know that they have great support as I have taken advantage of it. A result of their support is adding this blog to my web page. Check and you will learn more and really use your web cam!